On data inputs

(1) To include a different set of adducts in an enviMass project, I do the following:
    Before starting the workflow via webMass(), I load my own table of adducts into R. For exemplification, after loading the enviMass package via ...


    ... I can load the default adduct table from the enviPat library and have a look at its help file to see how the table is formatted ...


    ... and expand it with an entry of my own ...


    ... and then start the UI and a new project to make this adduct table available in this very project (e.g., in Settings -> Screening -> Adducts):


    I ensure the modified adduct table is available in the R workspace whenever I open this particular project (you can use commands save, load. The adduct table must always be consistent with the adducts listed under the tab Settings -> Screening -> Adducts of an existing project.)

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