Workflow operation

(2) I have been waiting for hours for calculations to finish. I want to go home now, thus I consider ...
    ... to monitor if there is any progress at all. That is, I start calculations in the morning and - latest before going home (for environmental reasons, I do not let my computer run overnight on possibly senseless tasks) - I note at which step the workflow was busy (both in the workflow task overview of the UI sidebar and from changes in the output visible in the R console itself). When I have convinced myself that, despite several interim hours of calculations, no progress at all was made, I start thinking about the settings I have used in the project and - after that - I might decide to contact the maintainer of enviMass (i.e., I send an email attaching the file logfile.emp from my project folder and a copy&paste document with as much output of the R console as possible; kept confidential). Otherwise, I realize that plenty of files might require plenty of calculation time and remain patient, until calculations have indeed finished.

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