Workflow operation

(1) The browser user interface (UI) turns gray during, e.g., data uploads, calculation sessions, parameter changes, etc. No worries, ...
    ... although the UI turning gray indicates something went wrong and that R disconnected from the interface (and possibly even closed) for various reasons. But that does not imply your project or intermediate calculation results are gone. Try to start (R and) enviMass again, open the concerned project and resume calculations once more. If the problem persists, please contact us (i.e., send an email attaching the file logfile.emp from your project folder and a copy&paste document with as much output of the R console - if still open after the UI turned gray - as possible; kept confidential). We appreciate problem reporting - thanks! Possibly, there is a problem with the input files, the settings or a remaining bug for a rare workflow constellation not yet tested.

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